3–5 riders

Bringing a coach to your friends and family is the best way to learn. Not only is it fun to wakeboard with them, but you'll also learn collectively. This means you'll get a lot of additional value out of observing everyone else correct their mistakes. This style of learning accellerates the progression for the group as a whole.

It's also much less expensive. The coaching fee is structured per day. So $1,200 per day, split 5 ways, amounts to $240 per person, per day.

3–5 days

Assessment (Day 1): The first thing we'll do together is assess your strengths and weaknesses are as a rider. 
Reprogramming (Day 2–5): Next, we'll reprogram your bad habits into good habits. We'll work on drills, re-train your thinking, and practice the correct technique a few times until it's reprogrammed in your brain.
Execution (Day 2-5): Once we've strengthened on your fundamentals, it's time to land your goal trick. This way, you'll achieve your goals faster with less risk of hard falls.

For best results, this process takes between 3–5 days. When it's done right, you may even land more new tricks after the clinic than you did during it.

travel expenses

I do my best to keep travel costs low and convenient for my students. Many of my students have frequent flyer miles and prefer to use those to cut down on costs. If there's an option, I prefer to fly Delta (no bag fee for me), but will travel with any airline.

Accommodations are entirely up to my students. I most commonly stay in a student's guest room, but have stayed in hotels on occasion. I'm pretty low maintenance and comfortable just about anywhere. My goal is to make it as convenient for my students as possible.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. I will gladly tailor the travel arrangements to meet the individual needs of the clinic.

Let's do this!

I come to you

$1,200 per day + travel expenses

Home court advantage!
This option is best if:
• You're looking to dial in your riding environment on your own boat at your home lake.
• You have 2-4 friends or family members who want to learn, too.
Learn alongside your friends and family
Dial in your home riding environment
Watch the coach ride
Keep progressing with your crew all season long
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You come to me

$1,200 per day + travel & operational expenses

Come visit Orlando, Florida!
This option is best if:
• You live in a colder climate and want to get some warm weather riding in during your off season.
• You're already going to be in Central FL and want to sneak a few sets in while you're in town.
Come alone or with a group
Ride behind a pro level boat
Watch the coach ride
Great riding conditions all year
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